This is the 8th video in TM's I Love Toy Trains series.



  • Dixieland Opening
  • I Love Toy Trains Opening Theme
  • I've Been Working On The Railroad
  • New River Train
  • Big Train 'a Coming
  • I Love Toy Trains Closing Theme
  • An instrumental song by James Coffey is played in the Blooper Mania segment, but is unknown.

Trivia and GoofsEdit

  • At the end, a deleted scene of Jeff trying to do the opening is shown with the caption "If at first you don't sucseed, try try again.
  • A Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Toy Set is seen at the Wrong Island Railroad's shop.
  • Jeff says the Wrong Island Railroad is the 1st layout they've showed with moving cars, but there have been moving cars on other layouts on the show before.
  • The Santa Fe Blue Goose is just a repainted Norfolk and Western J-class.
  • A clip from this video was used in I Love Toy Trains 6's Song; Animal Train, specificly the horse on the handcar.
  • The Ive's Circus Train backdrop MIGHT be an MTH replica, as several parts of it say "M.T.H."

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