This is the 6th video in TM's I Love Toy Trains series


  • Dixieland Opening
  • I Love Toy Trains Opening Theme
  • Wooden Train
  • Animal Train
  • Layin' Down Those Railroad Ties
  • Hard Working Crane
  • Build A Bridge
  • I Love Toy Trains Closing Theme
  • Various Instrumental Peices

Trivia and GoofsEdit

  • Jeff says that they haven't talked about Electric Locomotives on the show, but they were talked about in I Love Toy Trains 4.
  • The Lionel GG1 appears to stop sometimes, probably due to short circuts on the Cantinary.
  • Not all Electric Locos use a Cantinary System.
  • This is the only video to use T.C. Timber Trains.
  • A majortiy of the Animal Train song is filmed on TM's Standerd Gauge layout.
  • In the CD version of Animal Train, the Lyric about Giraffes is replaced by one about Monkeys.
  • Sparks can be seen when some cranes lift a Hopper.
  • This is the only time Mark Twain is mentioned.

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